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Buying temporary car insurance

Is car insurance for a month what you are looking for? Thanks to fairly recent changes in legislation you can now buy insurance for a car or light van for up to 28 days. Short-term car insurance like this has proved immensely popular with over half a million policies sold already making it possible for motorists to:

  • Borrow a larger car for removals, or a holiday

  • Share the driving on a long journey

  • Drive another car at very short notice if an accident or repair takes your own vehicle off the road

  • Lend a car to the kids when they are home from college or university

  • Etc etc etc.

The application form is much shorter and simpler than for most conventional car insurance policies so it should only take you a minute or so to get a quotation. To simplify matters, the cars that can be covered are restricted to a list of some of the most popular vehicles in the UK but since it only takes a moment or so to get a quotation you could soon check to make sure that you could buy a policy.

Cover is comprehensive within the UK and third-party only if you drive through the countries of the EEC but this can be upgraded to comprehensive for a small extra premium if you wish. Roadside assistance is also an optional extra in both the UK and Europe. Please note that for European cover journeys must begin and end within the UK.

Since the whole transaction is carried out online it takes very little time indeed to get a car insured and you could have a policy in place within just a few minutes of clicking the link above. Documentation will be available for download, if you wish to do so, immediately after you have purchased a policy.

Buying a short-term car insurance policy could give you the peace of mind of knowing that the vehicle you are borrowing or lending to someone else is indemnified against accidental damage; and that you are complying with the law and not running a risk of a huge fine, penalty points on your licence and impounding of the uninsured car.

You can buy temporary car insurance for as little as one day; typically from a site such as Policies for a short period like this have never been so easy to buy. Click the link and get a quote now.

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